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Author: MischievousM
•12:41 PM

Last night I dreamed I kissed you. You were lying there, on my couch, and suddently the kiss came like a breath. Should I trust in my dream?
No, I won't. Sometimes I'm too realistic to believe. This is some forbidden love, isn't it?
It's ironic, I don't even know if it's love. Is it? But I want to kiss you. I do want to do it, just because I'm curious. You know Lestat, from Anne Rice's books, he wanted to become a human just to see how it is, again. I think I want to kiss you for the same reason.
I'm afraid that if I'll do it, the magic will be gone and exactly like Lestat, I'll be alone and scared. But he won, he got his vampire body back and he became again The Vampire Lestat. Will I be M. again if I'll know your lips, your taste?

With love,
Mischievous M.

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