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•6:00 PM
It's strange how you told me: you're beautiful!
Nobody told me like this. Actually, I want to consider you the only man who told me [the other was a boy, and I never wanted him to say that].
It's strange how you make me feel happy. Every time I see you smiling I smile. Every time you talk I smile.
For the God's sake, you're a man.
Today, when I looked in your eyes, it was for real. I know you feel something – it is not love – you feel curiosity, you like me because I like you in the same way; we are the same, we're acting the same, we feel the same. I don't know why...
It's strange, because you are the first who I admit that I believe and I do believe in you because you are great and you make me feel great, you make me feel powerfull, you make me believe in me.
I don't know what happened this week. You told me twice that I'm beautiful and I think I'm going crazy. Today, when I met your sight, I was almost cuted. It was a sword cutting me from my heart to my stomach.
No, it's not love. I think I know what it's here, what's happening between us.
You need someone to be close to, and I need the same thing. We're alone, lonley in our world. I think we could be good friends. It's too much, I know you don't believe in friendship, because friends are never for real...and I think you are right. But we people need someone to be close to. Someone close to talk to, someone to hug and to cry near by...
I'd like to be much more with you, to discover you.
I don't know...
I think it's curiosity...
Like I am curious about her kiss...I know, you'd be stonned, you'd say: it's a girl! I know, I know. But I am curious about her, ok? She's so different, exactly like you.
Am I dumb? Am I crazy?
I only want to know...

Love, love,
Mischievous M.
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On September 22, 2012 at 10:54 AM , arina. said...

Oh, come on! So what if it's a girl? Seriously, the spirit is neither feminine, neither masculine, it's androgynous. Don't be held back by such stereotypes, it's love, who cares about gender... And society like to call itself such adjectives as "modern". Please...
You know, you have a really interesting situation over here with this man. At first I was tempted to say it's love, but you said it wasn't; then I thought maybe it's friendship or friendzone or namaka (come to think of it, I know you like anime/manga, and I take this change to confess that I'm also a big fan ^^!) but then you said he said he didn't belive in such things. You know, maybe you can take this change to convince him that friendship really exists and that somehow he's right not to belive in it because it's so rare, extincting actually, therefore precious, a relation you can encounter a few times in a lifetime...
If you really thing this guy, man sorry ^^, worths a shot (whatever "shot" means in your context) I suggest taking it!
however, take care, honey :)

On September 22, 2012 at 11:15 AM , MischievousM said...

It's strange because I don't want kim, like I don't want to kiss a girl:))
But I am soooo curious about his minds like I am curious about a girl's kiss.
It's a damn thing:)) And btw, he's 42 and it's much more interesting how he can act like a teenager.
Ah, I can't get it.
I think I just want to have something new in my life. But I don't know if I want for real. It's like my Gemini zodiac sign says: double thoughts, never the true one.

The same with manga:)) I don't read manga, but I like it. I like the type of drawing, the photos and all this design stuff. But I like [or maybe liked] animes, but since the Animax channel started not to be broadcast into my town, I didn't watch any anime.

Dumb, dumb dumb.

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